Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Expect In The Financial Planning Process?

Our process begins with a “get acquainted” meeting. We will review information you provide regarding your current financial situation (tax returns, insurance policies, asset statements, estate planning documents, employee benefits, etc.). We want to know about your personal goals, values, concerns, dreams, and past experiences of investing.

The financial planning process entails discovering where you are currently and ultimately what you want to achieve. We work together to establish and prioritize objectives. We’ll review the problems and opportunities facing you, examine alternatives, make recommendations and provide action steps to put your plan into motion. If the plan would benefit by enlisting a CPA or attorney, we will provide a referral or work with your current professional. The last step is assisting you in implementing the recommendations made. Coordination with the other professionals in your life is imperative. We take the lead to ensure that the plan implemented and any issues that arise are dealt with promptly and professionally.

Once your initial plan is complete, we regularly meet with you to review and update your plan, assess your progress, and consider other actions that may be helpful for you. Unexpected events are sure to occur in everyone’s life from time to time. Because we are committed to building a long-term relationship with you, we will work through these events together toward a successful resolution.

How Do I Get Started Working With Virginia Asset Group?

As a prospective client, you are encouraged to come in for a complementary exploratory consultation. We discuss your financial situation as well as our firm’s ability to help you. Some client engagements begin with a financial plan that addresses the multiple aspects of a family’s personal finances. If we decide to engage in the financial planning process, a one-time fee would apply. The fee varies depending upon complexity and time required to complete it. The comprehensive planning process typically entails 3 to 4 meetings. It is the start of a wonderful blueprint into your financial future. However, in some instances where comprehensive, extensive analysis, and planning may not be warranted or desired, we will still engage with clients on specific matters that are important to them; managing their investment assets, maximizing income in retirement, and college planning are some of the more common goals we are asked to address.

Am I Qualified To Become A Client Of Virginia Asset Group?

Many of our clients come to us on a referral basis. They typically enjoy healthy household incomes and have existing investment portfolios of $500,000 or more. However, we welcome and enjoy working with anyone who has a desire to improve their current financial situation, regardless of their current portfolio.

What Can Virginia Asset Group Really Do For Me?

As we begin to understand you and what your financial goals are, we help you grow, protect, enjoy, and safely transfer your wealth to your chosen heirs. We will help clarify your financial objectives and provide the framework to help you obtain your goals. We will monitor your progress and make sure you are on a steady course to meet these goals in a manner that is acceptable to you. We pride ourselves in being professionals. Much like a physician, we view our job as one of solving problems or simply keeping someone in good financial health. To do so requires expertise. It requires years of training and a comprehensive understanding of a breadth of products. This type of knowledge can’t be obtained quickly, nor can it be obtained on a part time basis. We are confident that, if given the opportunity, we can help even the most complex situations. Long term success also requires a good relationship that is built over time. We understand that trust is earned. We will consistently work toward improving upon our relationship so that we will truly earn the title of being your Financial Advisor.

How Is Virginia Asset Group Compensated?

We derive income from designing and/or implementing the plan that best suits you. Whether financial planning fees, investment management fees, or traditional commissions, we will be transparent in all recommendations given. Because not every client needs the same solution, we are willing to work in a manner that is best for you. While we primarily consider ourselves to be a fee-based investment advisory firm, we are happy to work with you in any manner that both the client, as well as the financial advisor, deem to be in your best interests.

Do You Guarantee Any Rate Of Return For My Investments?

No, it is regulatory violation for an investment advisory firm to guarantee returns. However, we devote a lot of time, research, and experience in adopting best practices which we believe will help you meet your return goals for rate of return. We employ a variety of metrics to compare your returns with multiple benchmarks.

Who Has Custody Of My Money When I Hire You To Manage It?

Virginia Asset Group never has custody — physical possession or access to your money.

Client assets are held at Pershing, LLC in an account registered specifically for you. Pershing, LLC is one of the nation’s leading providers of custodial and trading services. Your account registered at Pershing would be afforded all benefits by being members of SIPC.

On occasion we will use other mutual fund, insurance or direct participation companies. Client assets are then held with those companies. We never take physical custody or possession of client assets.

What Types Of Clients Do You Currently Have?

Our clients include individuals, families, business owners and their key personnel, business accounts, endowments & foundations, trusts, and business retirement plans. We have built a team with a breadth of experience and knowledge so that we are able to help most people who ask for our services.

Who Is A Typical Client Of Virginia Asset Group?

Our clients are of all ages and backgrounds. We work with clients in each phase of the investor life cycle: Accumulation, Transition, & Distribution.

Many of our clients are professionals, corporate executives, or owners of their own small businesses. Others are retired. In general, our clients are successful, fulfilled people who recognize the benefit of professional financial guidance. In essence, they look to us as a great local resource to help them achieve the next phrase of their life without the stress of wondering if they are truly doing their best.

My Question Is Not In The List Above. How Can I Get An Answer?

Please email your question to us at or feel free to give us a call at (757) 747-2556.

Where Are You Located?

Our main office is located at: 607 Lynnhaven Parkway Virginia Beach, VA 23452

We have other office locations at:

  • 11801 Merchants Walk Newport News, VA 23606
  • 645 Rappahannock Drive White Stone, VA 22678
  • 9495 Charter Gate Road, Mechanicsville, VA 23116
  • 1430 High Street Building 12 Williamsburg, VA 23185
  • 8821 W Broad Street Richmond, VA 23294
  • 3012 Boulevard Colonial Heights, VA 23834
  • 201 North Washington Highway Ashland, VA 23005