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Manteo Historic Walking Tour

Virginia Asset Group is happy to sponsor The Manteo Historic Walking Tour. This internationally acclaimed tour covers over 400 years of history, including over 21 “firsts” that happened in Manteo, earning Dare County the name “Land of Beginnings.” It features the history, lore, and tales of The Lost Colony, The Mother Vine, Virginia Dare, Underground Railroad, Freedmen’s Colony, The First Light of Freedom, The Wright Brothers, and even modern era space pioneer history. For more information on how to book your tour call Francis D’Ambra at 252-489-7793.

Friends of Elizabeth II/ Roanoke Festival Park in Manteo

Virginia Asset Group has a sponsorship with Friends of Elizabeth II/ Roanoke Festival Park in Manteo, which is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to supporting the representative 16th century sailing ship, the Elizabeth II. They have given us passes for free admission to the park. Each pass can admit around 12 people and will also give 20% off any items in the store. If you and your family are planning on taking a vacation to the OBX, reach out to your advisor and they can send you a pass so you can go visit the park.

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