Wealth Management Process

Discovery and Insights

We gather, interpret, and summarize your pertinent financial information. From this research, we create a complete financial picture for you; summarizing your balance sheet, cash flow, current investments, existing estate planning strategies, tax situation, and any other financial assets that impact your wealth.

We help you articulate the goals you have for your wealth as they relate to your lifestyle, business, children, philanthropy, and aspirations. We translate this into a risk profile based on a multitude of parameters, unique to your situation.

Creating an effective wealth management plan starts with asking the right questions: delving deeply into objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity and credit needs, family and estate issues and service preferences. Working closely together, we define your ultimate objectives, both for lifestyle and wealth transfer, and confirm expectations, thus establishing a solid foundation for your plan and our relationship.

Asset Allocation

Guided by your circumstances, goals and comfort level with investment risk, we explore the appropriate mix of asset classes for you. We recommend a balance between fixed income and equity, for example, as well as private equity, hedge funds, real estate and real-return assets, as appropriate. We further identify the diversification between each asset class, showing how variations to your allocation might impact your risk exposure or return expectations. We then agree together on the most appropriate strategy.


By understanding what structures and strategies have been put in place to accomplish goals, we generate ideas for new strategies that can complement existing plans. We interpret your financial picture, and identify and assess additional opportunities and strategies to help you achieve your goals.

We test our thinking for your strategic wealth plan by running financial models of your status quo and alternative strategies. We employ sophisticated financial planning software and incorporate Monte Carlo analysis.

We analyze each entity within your portfolio, including IRAs, trusts and credit facilities, as well as special situations such as business interests, concentrated stock positions or executive compensation. This enables us to quantify the impact and opportunities of your current holdings and recommend appropriate strategies to address any gaps or issues from every vantage point. In doing so, we are able to identify important implications of each element, such as potential tax ramifications, liquidity considerations or other issues.

Asset Location

Building from our extensive analysis, we apportion asset classes to the appropriate entities to fully realize after-tax performance potential. By identifying each entity’s optimal after-tax contribution within your overall portfolio, we help construct the most efficient strategy, then submit our plan for your review and approval.


We translate your overall financial strategy into a tactical action plan including asset allocation, specific investment vehicles, and manager selection. We oversee the execution of all aspects of the plan for our clients.

We document your plan’s details in an investment policy statement, ensuring a common understanding and consistent execution on the part of your portfolio team. We also review our communication and service plans with you, aligning them with your requirements before implementing your strategy.

Active Management

We meet with our clients regularly to review investment performance, assess progress toward goals, and check in to hear about events and occurrences that may impact your wealth. We constantly search for ways to optimize your opportunities in a variety of economic situations.

Having a well-executed plan in place is only the beginning. The way it responds and adapts to the ever-changing market and your dynamic needs is where its true value lies. Your Financial Advisor therefore actively manages your portfolio, making investment decisions across and within asset classes, rebalancing positions to ensure alignment to your strategy in all market cycles, identifying opportunities to harvest gains and losses to maximize total after-tax performance, identifying potential strategy implications of regulatory or tax policy changes, and regularly revisiting your goals, requirements and personal circumstances. By remaining engaged with you and your advisors, we can proactively address your evolving needs and recommend new ideas to add value.