Financial Planning Process

At Virginia Asset Group, we believe in a six phase process that we go through each year with our clients. This process helps us understand our clients’ financial situation, discuss how their portfolios’ are performing, make adjustments if necessary, and to instill confidence so that our clients’ feel comfortable with the path ahead.


This phase is all about you, the client. At this meeting, we take the time to get to know you, your finances, your expectations, your aspirations, and how you want to invest your money. We tend to call this phase the story sharing phase. In it, we get to know your life through stories and ours through the same manner. This in-person meeting sets the stage for the process that is to come. We let you drive as we prepare to navigate your finances together.


The design stage involves brainstorming, research, strategy, and putting together a plan for you. In this phase, we take the information you provided in Discovery and begin to search for plans that fit what you need. Each design process looks different for every client and we start from scratch. By the end of this phase, we’ve come up with our suggestions and are ready for our second in-person meeting.


Upon the design phase completion, we have our second meeting with you. This meeting is a continuation of the discovery discussion as we provide suggestions and are here to answer any questions that you may have about the plan’s we would like to recommend to you. From here, the choice is yours. We let you decide the route you want to take as we get ready to implement our strategy.


This phase starts with our team gathering more information about you, getting access to old accounts and putting together new accounts to prepare you for the transition. Once everything comes over, we are ready to put our recommendation into play.


Our brokers do a great job getting information to you about your finances and where things are headed. As a team, we look at your portfolio almost everyday as we track all the plans that our clients are on. Should you decide to adjust your investment strategy, move funds, or open new accounts, we are always a phone call away.


The review phase occurs at least once each year and often occurs bi-annually or quarterly. This in-person meeting reboots the first five steps as we plan ahead and review the direction your finances are headed in. The review phase gives us a great opportunity to see if you want to change your risk strategy or alter how you diversify your investments.