Market Week: October 17, 2016

The markets (as of market close October 14, 2016)

Oil prices reached a one-year high early last week, as Russia expressed its support of OPEC in its efforts to limit production, prompting stocks to post early week gains. With corporate earnings season upon us, early reports from some major companies were not encouraging. Globally, China’s 10% year-over-year drop in exports once again raised concerns about the weakening of the world’s second-largest economy.  Major market indexes trended down midweek, while long-term bond yields expanded and the price of crude oil remained just above $50 per barrel. Favorable earnings reports from some of the world’s largest banks at the end of last week helped boost stocks, but not enough to prevent each of the indexes listed here from closing the week in the red.

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Market Week: October 24, 2016

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