Market Week: March 25, 2013

The MarketsĀ : Global equities took a hit from uncertainty over Cyprus. Domestic equities fared better; though they slid much of the week, optimism about a possible bailout agreement led to…

March 25, 2013

Market Week: March 18, 2013

The MarketsĀ : The S&P 500 came tantalizingly close to its all-time high but couldn't quite manage to top it. Meanwhile, the Dow's 10-day winning streak finally came to an end…

March 18, 2013

Market Week: March 11, 2013

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March 11, 2013

Market Week: March 4, 2013

The MarketsĀ : Sequester? What sequester? After a dismal Monday, domestic equities spent the week recovering to end the week not far from where they started. The Dow managed to rise…

March 4, 2013